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Change of child support assessments

The Child Support Agency uses an administrative formula to make a child support assessment. However, if parents or children have special circumstances, the administrative formula may not provide a fair level of child support. Part 6A Child Support Assessment provides a means for the Child Support Agency to administratively change a child support assessment in the special circumstances of a case.

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Child support agreements/Variation of agreements

The Child Support legislation allows (and even encourages) parents to reach agreement on the amount of child support to be paid. A child support agreement has to meet the requirements of the legislation and has to include matters that can be dealt with in a child support agreement. Once parents have made a child support agreement, either parent can apply to the Child Support Agency to have it accepted.

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Departure Orders

In certain circumstances the Child Support Assessment Act allows parents who are dissatisfied with decisions made by the Child Support Agency’s change of assessment process to apply directly to a court to have that decision reviewed.

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Enforcement of child support debts

Once the Child Support Agency registers a maintenance liability for collection, the amounts payable are debts due to the Commonwealth by the payer. The debt is enforceable by the Agency and may be recovered through administrative processes or court proceedings (brought by either the Child Support Agency or the payee).

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